Hey. We are Agnieszka and Marcin. Our story proves that there is love at first sight.

We met in college, already in the first days we have been reached by the amor’s arrow 🙂 Until now we still remember the first words we told ourselves! Immediately we settled in together and put our whole life on our head 🙂

We do not have photos of our own wedding. Yes … it is terrible, but when we got married the wedding photography offered a questionable for us aesthetics like “poses on background” so we did not rent a photographer intentionally. Memory is often unreliable, because due to time memories are blurred and remain only in pictures. Maybe that is why we put our whole hearts to make sure our customers have the most beautiful memories … so even one important for them moment of the day can not escape.

We have always thought of pictures in the “priceless” category. Priceless, underdevelopment, disability, the most important – for life.

For several years we have been developing our own, unique and extremely effective work style in this genre – enabling us to achieve world-class results in all circumstances. We treat every wedding and every Bride and Groom individually, it is – in addition to our many years of experience – one of the things that the Customer “pays for”.

We are not a fast-food photo shoot, we book a maximum of 25 wedding coverages a year – if our photos convince you, please contact us! We live in Warsaw, but we are photographing all over Poland and abroad.