Another visit in Palace Mala Wies

It was another occasion to visit Palace Mala Wies, glamour location for the wedding which one we know since it’s rebild and renovation. We had opportunity to make pictures during first event there, which was not wedding but equal special – 50th birthday party.

Booking wedding date

We can not even express what we feel when the client matches the date of his wedding to our availability. Because the words “we are very nice” completely do not reflect the level of our emotions and joy 🙂
We started the previous year, 2018, with a huge dose of endorphins, which we received from Iga 🙂

Wedding day

On the wedding day with Iga and Piotr, we met in the morning at Agnieszka Chełmońska’s Studio. The weather was very mixed, but Piotrek said that heordered lack of rain during the Ceremony. If anyone of you is interested in how and where the order was made, we recommend that you contact Piotr, because he definitely knows how to do it.
It was raining during the preparations, but when it was time to go to the church, the ordered weather arrived 🙂
The beautiful, richly decorated church in Mogielnica simply captivated us. One of our favorite photos of this season was created during the leaving the church by Iga and Piotr.

No wedding games but fire on the dancefloor

We liked the concept of the lack of wedding games very much. Flipping the veil and the flies took place immediately after greeting with bread and salt. “American”, for yourself. It’s great! And then there was a party like that, sparking! See for yourself, because it was literally the first dance 🙂
Iga basically did not leave the dance floor. She was probably the most dancing Bride in the past season. Her dress with tulle bottom worked beautifully with her during the dance. Well, but the twine made in the air, it was a shock for us on the stand. 😀 Guests also rocked! And all thanks to the fantastic band Nocny Koncert, which kidnapped everyone to dance and some even on the stage 😀

Make-up & hair: Studio Agnieszki Chełmońskiej
Reception: Palace Mała Wieś
Band: Nocny Koncert Cover Band